Photocatalysis for energy [PHOTO4E]

Lyon, France - 15-17 October 2014

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On 15, 16 and 17 October 2014 took place the PHOTO4E conference organised by IFP Energies nouvelles (IFPEN) at IFPEN in Lyon, as part of its Rencontres Scientifiques.

Given the current challenges facing the fields of energy production and sustainable development, fuels and energy production from sunlight have attracted considerable attention for many years. Solar energy is the only renewable resource in sufficient abundance worldwide capable of meeting the world's energy demand as regards producing fuels, heat and electrical power.

Academic research in this field are now flourishing and a bright future may well lay ahead thanks to the discovery of novel photocatalytic materials and developments in the understanding of systems as well as  process design improvements.

At the crossroads of physics and solid-state chemistry, surface science and process engineering, the field of photocatalysis for energy provides fascinating and promising scope for research to tackle future energy challenges.

Against this backdrop, the Photocatalysis for Energy international conference gave the opportunity to discuss the potential breakthrough innovations or limitations expected.

The scientific program covered the production of energy (fuels, electricity) using Photocatalysis with sunlight. It encouraged interaction and feed debates between players from academic research, applied research and industry.

keynote speakers:

Y. Izumi (Chiba Univ., Japon)

R. Passalacqua (Univ. of Messina, Italy)

M. Rioult (CEA-DSM/IRAMIS/SPEC/LISO Saclay, France)

R. Su (iNANO, Denmark)

K. Takanabe (Kaust Catalysis Center, Saudi Arabia)



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