Photocatalysis for energy [PHOTO4E]

Lyon, France - 15-17 October 2014


 1- Phenomena under illumination over precipitated aerosol particles produced by grinding of titania crystal under ambient air

V. Zakharenko, E. Daibova (Russian Academy of Sciences, Russian Federation)

2 - Improvement of activity for hydrogen production from water/methanol solutions using modified NaTaO3 photocatalysts

P. Jana1, C. Mat1, P. Pizarro1,2,D. P. Serrano1,2, V. A. de la Pena O"Shea1, J. M. Coronado1 (1 Instit. IMDEA Energy, 2 ESCET, Spain)

3 - Pt-GaN/ZnO catalyst system for methanol photocatalytic reforming

A. Vass, A. Tompos, Z. Paszti, E. Drotar, Sz. Balint, M. Veres, E. Talas (Hungarian Academy of Science, Hungary)

4 -Tandem photocatalytic architectures for NOx abatement

D.A. Erdogan, M. Demirkiran, E. Ozensoy (Bilkent Univ., Turkey) 

5 - CO2 photoconversion to fuels 

I. Rossetti1, C. Pirola1, A. Villa1, L. Prati1, G. Ramis2 (1 Univ. of Milano, 2 Univ. of Genova, ltaly)

6 - Band gap tunning of Mott catalyts: a DFT study of LaCoO3

J. Gracia (Syngaschem BV, The Netherlands)

7 - Photo-electrochemical properties of an active site working on Fe-SBA-15 catalyst: application to the water reduction under visible light irradiation 
A. Boudjemaa1, M. Trari2, N. Yahi1, K. Bachari1 (1 CRAPC, 2 USTHB, Algeria)

8 - Transient performance modelling of photoelectrochemical cells incorporating nano-structured photoanodes

M. Dumortiera, J. Rongeb, T. Bosserezb, J. Martensb, S. Haussenera (KU Leuven, Belgium)

9 - Comparative study on photocatalytic hydrogen production from methanol over Cu, Pd and Au loaded TiO2

P. P. C. Udani, M. Ronning (Univ. of Science of Technology, Norway) 

10 - Copper and sulphur doped titanium dioxide for the photo-reduction of carbon dioxide to hydrocarbons

D. Naidu, P. G. Ndungu (UKZN, South Africa)

11 - Shape-defined TiO2 photocatalysts using templates: bowls, tubes, honeycomb spheres and piky spheres

D. A. Erdogan, E. Ozensoy (Bilkent Univ., Turkey)

12 - Photoredox reaction with water-soluble core-shell CdSeZnS Quantum-Dots

T. Chauviré1, S. Gambarelli1, D. Gasparutto1, J. Chauvin2, V. Maurel1 (1 CEA Grenoble, 2 UJF/DCM, France)

13 - Application of the experimental microkinetic approach: case of the hydrogen evolution reaction in gas phase on Pt/TiO2

J. Couble, E. Puzenat, D. Bianchi (IRCELYON, France)

14 - Block-by-block synthesis of graphitic carbon nitride: towards the understanding of the photocatalytic properties 
A. Zambon1,2, S. Gambarelli1, J. M. Mouesca1, M. Claeys-Bruno3, D. Gourier4, L. Dubois1 (1 CEA Grenoble, 2 Agence de l'environnement et de la Maitrise pour l'Energie, 3 Univ. Paul Cézanne, 4 ENSCP-LCMCP, France)

15- Simultaneous production of CH4 and H2 from photocatalytic reforming of glucose on Pd/TiO2V

V. Vaiano1, G. Iervolino1, G. Sarno1, J. J. Murcia2, D. Sannino1, L. Rizzo1, M. C. Hidalgo2, J. A. Navio2 (1 Univ. of Salerno, Italy, 2 ICMS, Spain

16- Photocatalytic activity and hydrophilicity of TiO2 thin films prepared with surfactants

E. Mariquit, W. Kurniawan, M. Miyauchi, H. Hinode (Tokyo Inst. of Technology, Japan)